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Zox Wristbands - Various designs available

Zox Wristbands - Various designs available

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I am with you, Always 

I've found that there's a difference between loneliness and, actually, physically being alone. You feel it, the disparity that exists between them. It's difficult navigating things alone, but it's painful to be lonely. We're meant for companionship, for sharing things with others - especially moments and love. It's not in our nature to be alone, which is why it's such a struggle when it happens. Now, I can admit that sometimes I like to be alone. But I hate being lonely. I dislike the inability to talk about things with my friends and family. I don't like feeling like there's nowhere to turn, no one to turn to. The good news? We're never really alone.

One day at a time 

Story In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges we face in life is worrying about what happens next. When I’m anxious or worried about something to come, the most common reassurance I hear from those around me is “don’t worry about it.” It’s so much easier said than done, yet it’s so common to tell loved ones when they’re uneasy about life.  There has to be some reason behind that, right? I’d like to believe that the reason is that we can’t accomplish much about worrying other than stressing ourselves out. When we dwell on something that’s already happened or hasn’t even happened yet, we’re setting ourselves up for mental exhaustion, sadness, or possible guilt.

Radiate Positivity V2

Compliments, whether big or small, mean the world sometimes. It’s funny how a kind word can change our entire day, much like the power of a rude one. I’ve learned over the years that it’s important to smile at strangers or randomly message a friend when you think of them in order to let them know that things are okay, to check in on them, or just to spread happiness. Sometimes, something as small as a “thinking of you” or “this reminded me of you” message to a loved one can make their day without us realizing it. Isn’t it interesting how much kindness can lift us up?

This Time I choose myself

For some reason, the word “no'' seems difficult for many people to say. Someone very close to me, though I shall not name them, says yes to too many things - trapping themselves in a plethora of agreements and responsibilities. The problem with agreeing to too much is stress or unhappiness. Sometimes, you have to say no for the sake of your own happiness. And that’s okay. Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone in this life, but it’s important to please ourselves, too. If we work too hard, spread ourselves too thin, we’re likely to endure the costs of it through anxiety, stress, fatigue, and unhappiness. Sometimes, you have to choose yourself and your own happiness over potentially hurting yourself in the process of making others happy. There’s plenty of opportunities to help others, my friend. May this Single encourage you to take some time for yourself now and then. It’s okay to do so. I promise.

Be bold, Landri

Artist Daneisha Kirksey

Though she be little

The story behind the original Though she be but little, she is fierce is without a doubt, my favorite piece I have ever written. I wrote it to my future daughter before I ever even had one. Since that time, I've been blessed with the most amazing baby girl a dad could ever wish for - my daughter Luna. 

You are enough V2

“If only you could see what I see” is what my mom would say to me as I cried over how worthless I felt. Growing up is hard, especially in those awkward middle school years. I remember how insecure I felt about the acne on my face, the hair on my arms, and my curly hair. Trying to find your own place in the world, while doing it with self-confidence, is not an easy task. I would spend so much time letting my exterior determine my worth and value. As I got older and made it through high school and college, I was able to gain more confidence in who I was. I started to feel that I had a lot to offer to

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