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Collection: Baskets

Beautiful handmade, fairtrade baskets and handbags from Morrocco, Ghana and Madagascar.

All baskets are made with natural, sustainable materials which means that they will biodegrade at the end of their working life. 


As these baskets have a multitude of uses - they may become dirty or crushed and so need reshaping. To restore to their former glory, just follow these simple steps. Please do ensure any of the baskets remain dry and stored somewhere warmish. They will become mouldy if left damp.

For the Moroccan baskets, you can wipe with a damp cloth but do not soak.


For the Madagascan baskets and bags, you can also wipe with a damp cloth but do not soak either as it will damage the raffia and the dyes are likely to run.


For the baskets from Ghana, either soak or spray with cold water. Gently scrub any dirt away with a soft brush. If they have been squashed or flattened, reshape by hand whilst damp and hang to dry thoroughly.

The baskets should dry overnight in a warm place or outside in the sunshine

This process can be repeated as often as required without any damage, although the baskets with coloured patterns may fade in time.

The leather handles can be cleaned with a leather soap.

The Ghanaian baskets should actually be sprayed with water once a year and then air dried to rehydrate the straw, and therefore extend its working life.

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