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Yoga Studio Lite 4.5mm Sticky Yoga mat NEW

Yoga Studio Lite 4.5mm Sticky Yoga mat NEW

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Our 4.5mm Yoga Mats are made To European Standards. They are made from the latest environmental polymer resins

They are 6-P Free, Free of Phthalate, AZO, DOP, Phenol, Heavy Metals. i.e. No Nasties at all. Simply - these are the Best PVC mats you can buy in Europe - which surpass European quality standards

This quality yoga mat is the choice of many yoga teachers and yoga students.


Features -

Soft, shock absorbent and comfortable

Offers insulation from cold floors

Machine washable and tear proof

Trusted by Teachers Worldwide

Info & Care -

After practising yoga on the mat between 4-6 times the mat will give better grip & can also be placed on the ground & walked over (in bare feet) to help with the wearing in process

Your mat can be wiped clean or it can be machined washed at 40 degrees, using a small amount of soap

Do not put your mat through the spin cycle or spin dry as this might damage the mat

Dry flat or hang air dry (DO NOT put on a radiator or in a drying machine)

Size Dimensions -


183cm x 61cm x 4.5mm

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