Risk Assessment for Pursenalities

Risk Assessment: Pursenalities, Swanage during COVID – 19 Pandemic



Michelle Poultney, Sole Trader: MCP

No Staff


Definition: Shops and branches include all retail stores

As a Sole trader, I am solely responsible for my own working conditions and I have  sole responsibility for my own actions. I have no employees to be responsible for.

Risks are present for both myself as a Sole Trader and customers visiting the shop.

  1. Thinking about risk

All employers carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment

  • Managing risk

Preventative measures:

  • MCP to increase the frequency of handwashing (use kitchen sinkor Toilet Basin) – start of shift and end of shift. After any toilet breaks. Before and after eating food. Hand sanitiser to be used between handling items for customers and packing bags.
  • MCP – to clean surfaces more frequently – start of shift, between customer visits, items touched and not bought, end of shift.
  • Shop activity to only include sale of items and discussion with customers.
  • Sneeze Guards will be provided on counter to separate MCP and customers. This will be because a 2.0 metre gap is not possible given the dimensions of that area.
  • Front door will remain open to allow for ventilation into the store and to minimise door contact.
  • Rear of the shop to remain closed until Social Distancing is relaxed. 2 Meter distancing cannot safely be maintained in this area. MCP to retrieve any item requested by Customer.
  • As MCP works alone there is no need to change working practices and MCP is not in a vulnerable category.


   1.2 Sharing the results of your risk assessment

   Print and display in door window of shop notice that we are complying with government guidance

  1. Who should go to work

MCP is not a person at higher risk. It is the individual decision MCP as a Sole Trader when to resume working weekly shifts in the shop.

  1. Social distancing at work

As MCP works alone there is no problem for staff social distancing.

  1. Managing your customers, visitors and contractors
  • Manage contacts
  • Number of customers allowed in at a time
  • One household unit (i.e. one person, a couple, a family group [up to a maximum of 4]) or MAX of 2 people from different household units
  • Hand sanitiser provided for customers on arrival into shop and encouraged to use
  • Encourage customers to avoid handling products while browsing
  • Wrapping of items to have items handed through screen slot, wrapped by MCP as required, Bagged and handed back to customer
  • MCP to remove price tags from merchandise and place labels into that days quarantine box. Items in that box will not be removed for 72 hours.
  • Customer questions to be answered by MCP, who will remain behind counter and screen (at their discretion)
  • Remind customers with children that they are responsible for supervising them at all times in the shop and maintaining social distance with MCP
  • One way flow is clockwise – enter shop turn to left , follow floor stickers around the shop allowing 2 meters distance between any other customer in the shop. Central tables have been placed to assist in following 2 meter rule.
  • Queueing outside shop at customer discretion as walkway must not be blocked – queues also for Oliver Miles Estate Agents and Sue’s Cards
  • Request that customers do not touch items they do not intend to purchase.

  4.2. Providing and explaining available guidance

  • Signage in doorway and front windows to explain routine on entry and how many are allowed in the shop – this will need to be reinforced by the MCP verbally.
  • Signage with hand sanitiser station on right on entering shop.
  • Verbal request that gloves are to be removed on entry to shop.
  • Inform that face masks are advised, and that one can be provided should the customer require one. Anyone suffering respiratory distress will not need to adhere to this request.
  1. Cleaning the workplace
  • Before opening
  • MCP to clean all display areas and surrounding surfaces prior to shop reopening. Ventilation –front door to remain open to maintain air flow. No rear access or windows.
  • Keeping the workplace clean
  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces (every hour) including hand sanitiser container (door to be kept open for ventilation – clean handle after being touched.)
  • Contactless reader and Pin pad for PIN entry if required cleaned after each customer use
  • Items touched by visitors and not bought to be cleaned between visitors. If items are touched, and are unable to be cleaned, then they must go into that days Quarantine box and not be removed for 72 hours, before being returned to the shop floor.
  • Waste bag for cleaning materials and packaging not taken to be removed from shop at end of each day
  • If known or suspected COVID 19 case clean after using guidance (hyperlink p.20) – shop may need to be closed while this is done.

     5.3 Hygiene – handwashing, sanitation facilities and toilets

  • Washroom is only available to staff – handwashing after use and regular cleansing of toilet and sink
  • Waste - MCP to remove rubbish at end of every day.

     5.5 Handling goods, merchandise and other materials

  • Regular handwashing / use of hand sanitiser for MCP
  • Limit customer handling of stock – clearer price labelling and wipe down products touched if not purchased between visitors.
  • Customer places item on counter. MCP to remove price tag, wrap item and place item into bag and hand back to customer.
  • If refund needed – use contactless where possible
  • Returned items to be placed in quarantine for 72 hours before being returned to store.
  1. Personal Protective Equipment and face coverings

            If screen on counter is not used then MCP  to wear face covering and

 wash or dispose of as required at end of daily shift.

  1. Workforce management

Not applicable for MCP as works alone. If assisted by someone outside my household then only one person behind the counter at one time.

  1. Inbound and outbound goods

When delivery arrives maintain 2 metre distance, if customers in shop, ask them to move to one side of the shop to allow MCP to retrieve item and place it at the rear of the store.

Based on HM Government Guidance – Working safely during COVID – 19 in shops and branches (May 25, 2020 version 1.1)